The project


What would your world look like if you had to live

The whole life without books?


Millions of people do not SEE to read, did you know that?


That´s the reason we are working with the project


Books in Accessible Formats


The idea of our project in Senegal is to promote equality for persons who are unable to read printed text.


The target group is the visually impaired; students at the universities, other pupils and other groups of visually impaired persons in the society. There are about 500000 visually impaired persons in Senegal.


Our goal is to start production and distribution of books and other information in accessible formats; talking books, books in Braille and as electronic books.


We, the developers of the project Gunilla from Finland and Moussa from Senegal are coordinating the project together with organisations in Senegal.


The project is carried out in connection to the Marrakech Treaty  to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who are Blind, Visually Impaired or Otherwise Print Disabled.


We strongly believe in our project and we are happy to know that so do an organisation in Finland - it has promised us some money! We think also you wish to support the project!

                      Gunilla & Moussa